atlas dynamics nest refuels drones in remote locations

Atlas Dynamics is known for making drones that are primarily used by businesses and have 4 to 5 hours of flight time. These drones are typically seen being used for security, agriculture, inspection, and emergency situation. This is due to their ability to stay in the air for extended periods of time.

The Atlas Dynamics Nest has been designed to refuel these drones since they typically work in remote locations. The Nest is set up as a charging hub where the drones can land and refuel, which extends their flight and keeps them working. It allows the drone to travel further since there would be no need for it to return to the home base in order to charge.

atlas dynamics nest image

The Nest also provides a protective place where the drones can sit until they are needed, even though it may be in a remote location. This allows the pilot to have constant drone readiness in these areas, which would otherwise take a while to get to. If the Atlas Pro needs a change of batteries once it has landed, a robotic arm would do autonomously do the job without any need for human interaction, allowing the drone to continue on its flight.

The types of drones that would typically use this station are going to be the Atlas Blue-J. These are fixed wing drones that are commonly used for long flights of around 5 to 6 hours. They are made of a very efficient carbon fiber and can carry up to 9 kg of payload.

This model of the Atlas Dynamics Nest is very new to the market, but creators have already been given feedback and ideas for what they’d like to see in newer versions. A big key point that pilots have made is that they’d like to see the Nest be able to meet the drones halfway if it was needed and not fully rely on the drones to make it all the way to the Nest checkpoint. This would make the Nest a travelling charging hub, which is something that we may be seeing in the near future.

Atlas “Nest” trailer No.3 from Atlas Dynamics on Vimeo.

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