You can now add DirecTV to an AT&T unlimited mobile plan for just $10 extra per month, instead of the $35 it would cost by itself.

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Free HBO might be enough to get some people to switch to AT&T’s unlimited mobile plan, but others want even more TV options.

For those video fiends, AT&T will now offer the DirectTV Now streaming service as a $10 add-on, effectively turning your mobile phone plan into a cable TV subscription. The all-inclusive price before taxes and fees is $70 per month, but arriving at that figure is a bit complicated.

The AT&T Unlimited Choice plan itself—which includes unlimited talk, text, and data for a single line—costs $60 per month after factoring in discounts for paperless billing and automatic payments. Then, AT&T offers subscribers a $25-per-month discount on DirecTV Now’s $35 package, which includes more than 60 channels. Add it all up and you get to $70 per month.

AT&T’s decision to make its users do a bit of math to decipher its marketing makes sense when you compare it with T-Mobile’s $70 unlimited plan. T-Mobile makes a big deal of the fact that the $70 price includes taxes and fees, but T-Mobile customers don’t get DirecTV Now or HBO included. So network reliability and other freebies aside, TV enthusiasts’ options come down to whether they’d like to give up a predictable monthly price in exchange for free TV channels (which you can watch on your TV too, not just your smartphone).

Keep in mind that AT&T’s Unlimited Choice plan has restrictions when it comes to tethering your smartphone or adding additional devices. If you want to do either of those things, you’ll want to consider the Unlimited Plus plan, which costs $90 after automatic payments and paperless billing discounts and offers 10GB of high-speed data per line when tethering from a smartphone. Unlimited Plus users can also choose to use their $25-per-month discount on conventional DirecTV or U-Verse TV subscriptions instead of DirecTV Now.

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