Most notably, the new August Smart Lock Pro now comes with the company’s new DoorSense technology, which can identify whether an August-equipped door is open or closed…and even initiate an auto-lock as soon as it senses the door is closed (instead of waiting for a timer). DoorSense uses a small magnetic sensor that is applied near the August Smart Lock and works much like a traditional open/closed sensor. The new August Smart Lock Pro is also equipped with Z-Wave Plus, a feature that will please many in the DIY home automation space. This will make the lock compatible with certain alarm systems and smart hubs like SmartThings and Wink. (No official information on which Z-Wave hubs will offer support is available yet.) The August Smart Lock Pro retains the design, size and features of the company’s namesake second-generation smart lock, and still works with Apple’s HomeKit home automation platform.

August Smart Lock Pro also includes Active Monitoring, a Beta of “smarter alerts” for the events that are most important to users. At launch, this will include all alerts for activity at the door including a DoorSense alert notifying the user if their door is left ajar for a set amount of time. New alerts notifying the users about specific activities that happen during a set timeframe, such as kids arriving home from school between 2:00-5:00pm on weekdays will be added shortly.

The August Smart Lock Pro comes bundled with the August Connect Wi-Fi bridge, enabling integrations with Alexa, Google Assistant and other popular smart home systems and services. The new bundle is priced at $279 and is available from the August site and Amazon.

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