The RC world is developing fast and this means better, faster, more technologically advanced devices for us! But with the increasing level of popularity of drones in the last few years, there seems to be an argument among RC fans: drones vs. RC cars.

I am a big fan of both and I think the argument is not well-founded. After all, each RC player has specific preferences and while one can lean more towards drones, another can love RC cars more. But, to settle this once and for all, I put together a list of pros and cons for each.

So let’s take a look and see which category comes with the most features and accessories.

Pros and Cons on Drones

The main pro argument for drones is that they can fly. Even more, modern designs come with high-quality cameras that allow the pilot to capture video and still images while the drone is flying. This is indeed a very cool feature and one of the most interesting things in drones, but you will have to dig deep into your pockets for a good camera.

Some drones come with powerful features such as:

  • GPS orientation so they can return home in case the signal is lost.
  • First-Person View (or FPV) where they communicate with a mobile device and you see what the drone sees in real-time. You can also connect the feed to a pair of virtual reality goggles and enjoy the flying experience at a whole new level.
  • ‘Follow me’ feature – while it’s not available in low-end models, this is a pretty cool thing to have on your drone.
  • Predetermined path – due to GPS technology, you can set a predetermined path for your drone and it will follow it, taking pictures or videos according to your settings.

As you can see, drones come with some pretty bad ass features and they can even be enrolled in racing competitions. Drone racing is already a famous sport as there are organized events all over the world where drone pilots race their custom models to glory.

On the cons side, a drone with the features mentioned above will be pretty expensive and their durability levels are not that good. So, as you go up with the technology, you also have to go up with your flying skills to make sure you don’t damage the drone.

Pros and Cons on RC Cars

I know from experience that RC cars are a lot of fun, especially when you own a bad ass off-road vehicle. Modern designs are extremely attractive for both kids and adults but most importantly, they are fast. This makes them great for a wide range of competitions, which can be pretty heated.

But let’s see the features that make RC cars so great:

  • Advanced technology – a quick browse on RC Rank will show you that RC cars are not just toys. They come with oil-filled shocks, 4WD suspension, brand tires, and huge engines.
  • Battery life – RC trucks today are equipped with one or two Li-Po batteries that keep the car going for a long time.
  • Bad ass designs – remote controlled cars come in several sizes but the design is the one that makes them unique.
  • Lots of tricks – RC cars are fun because you can take them drifting, racing, or rock climbing. Their design is so versatile that you can find a car for anything you want.

On the cons side, just like drones, the latest designs are expensive. Still, I think they are more durable than drones as they were created to withstand rough conditions and crashes.

At the end of the day, I can’t find a winner or a loser in this competition. Both devices are amazing and they both can offer their users a very good time.


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