Wait, what? Yes, this one has flown under the radar. The Signature Rendu SE is real, and I’m using it right now as I type this announcement. It’s not a microRendu 1.3, nor an upgraded microRendu 1.4 and not “just” and ultraRendu. The Signature Rendu SE is comprised of an ultraRendu and Sonore Signature Power Supply, in a single chassis. Sure the single chassis won’t enable one to swap out power supplies, but that’s the point. Many people just want a one box solution with a PSU built specifically for the device. If this is you, the Signature Rendu SE might be just the ticket. 


The first thing I noticed when unboxing the Signature Rendu SE, was the front panel finish and nice design touches (I like the power switch). The front panel is gloss black, that no pictures I’ve seen do justice. I also haven’t seen a Sonore product with a fit and finish at this level. 


At this point in time I really don’t have many details with respect to sound quality, availability, price, etc… Come on folks, I just got this thing :~)










Below is some information directly from Sonore:




Signature Rendu SE

Single enclosure ultraRendu and Signature Power Supply

Introducing the Signature Rendu SE, the absolute finest streaming USB source we have made. The Signature Rendu SE is the natural evolution of Sonore’s microRendu (computeraudiophile.com Product of the Year 2016) and Sonore’s acclaimed Signature Power Supply.

The Signature Rendu SE takes an Ethernet audio stream and renders it to a perfect, ultra-low noise USB feed to one’s USB DAC. While the microRendu is a revolutionary product, the Signature Rendu SE takes off from the microRendu concept, improving on it by refinement and attention to every detail.  The Signature Rendu SE takes advantage of a single chassis design, allowing close coupling of the power supply and processing board for the ultimate in ultra-low impedance and ultra-low noise power delivery. The new Signature Rendu SE processing board uses a larger footprint to allow for more independent low noise voltage regulation stages (all regulators are now ultra-low noise linear types), and better physical separation of the Ethernet processing and USB output sections, further reducing noise and crosstalk. A new ultra-low phase noise (so called “femto”) oscillator is used to govern all processing and USB audio output.



  • The internal power supply is a no compromise design featuring a custom wound, EI style transformer from Mercury Magnetics (made in the USA). This transformer effectively blocks AC line noise, providing a solid foundation of clean power.
  • Ultra-soft recovery diodes and film capacitor damping assure a DC supply free of ringing artifacts, and massive power supply capacitance (50% more than used in even the Sonore Signature Supply) insures low impedance/low ripple power delivery to our main, discrete linear pre-regulator.
  • A stainless-steel chassis divider protects the processing circuitry from both AC wiring and transformer based stray RF and EM interference.
  • The Signature Rendu SE is housed in a beautiful audiophile custom chassis, (made in the USA) which is right at home alongside the finest audio components in the world.
  • Upgraded custom footers with larger Sorbothane pads virtually absorbs all external micro mechanical interactions from migrating into the highly critical processor and re-clocker boards.
  • Dimension: 12.75in (width) x 3in (height) x 10.25in (depth)
  • Weight: 10lb
  • Power input: 120VAC or 230VAC, 60Hz or 50Hz
  • Power consumption: TBD
  • Includes warranty card and manual
  • Cardas AC power cord (optional, 1 week lead time)


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