Since LED lamps became widely available to consumers, all kinds of types and applications have emerged, giving endless options to consumers. One application is home lamps with RGB LEDs that can change colors. In past years, this was done by a standalone controller on the wall, but now that there is WiFi embedded in them, you can do it right from your couch, through your smartphone.

Koogeek Smart LED Lamp

Koogeek has a wide variety of Smart Home products that have support for Apple HomeKit platform, and that is important as Apple chooses very carefully which company to license. The Koogeek WiFi enabled Smart LED Light Bulb has up to 16 million colors are available in the Koogeek Home app so you can match the light colour to your mood and personalize your home.

Koogeek Smart LED Lamp

In addition, you can control multiple connected light bulbs. Create personalized scenes to control multiple connected light bulbs simultaneously with a single Siri voice command or just a tap. The setup is really simple. Just replace your existing E26/E27 light bulb. With the Koogeek Home app, you can easily control and monitor any connected light bulbs or scenes on your iOS device over a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

Koogeek Smart LED Lamp

The Koogeek WiFi enabled Smart LED Light Bulb is available on Amazon shops around the world for a discounted price. To see all the details about it as well as the links to Amazon stores, go ahead and visit the product page here.

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