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L.A. Noire is an underappreciated gem, and it should be a perfect fit for VR and Nintendo Switch.

L.A Noire released to glowing reviews when it released in 2011, but its turbulent and expensive development cycle ultimately led developer Team Bondi to close its doors, and publisher Rockstar Games has done nothing with the franchise since. That’s about to change, as the game will not only be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but also a few more recent platforms.

This November, L.A. Noire will hit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with multiple improvements over the last-gen versions, including better lighting and clouds, “new cinematic camera angles,” and higher-quality textures. If you’re using the PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X, you’ll also be able to experience the game in 4K resolution. It also contains all extra DLC released after the standard version of the game.

Rockstar doesn’t regularly release its games on Nintendo platforms, but L.A. Noire will also be coming to the Switch. This version also includes all extra DLC, as well as Switch-specific features like gesture-based controls, “contextual touch screen controls,” and HD rumble. These will likely be used for manipulating objects in the environment during investigations, though we’d also like to use our service revolver by raising a Joy-Con controller. The Switch version will launch alongside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

A special version of the game titled L.A Noire: The VR Case Files is also in development for HTC Vive, though no release date has been set yet. It’s not the full version of the game built in VR, but instead includes seven of the game’s missions and features both investigations and action.

L.A. Noire was one of the most exceptional games released last generation, combining breathtaking facial-capture technology with clever investigation sequences to create a suspenseful detective drama. Though not the focus, it also included an open city of Los Angeles for players to explore, and random crimes would occasionally force them to pursue a suspect.

After the game’s release and Team Bondi’s closure, members of the studio reformed to develop a game titled Whore of the Orient. Pitched as a successor to their previous game, it was canceled unceremoniously and likely won’t ever release.

L.A. Noire releases for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 14.

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