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LIFX, a well-known manufacturer of smart bulbs has announced that its Wi-Fi-enabled smart lighting devices are now compatible with the Apple HomeKit.

This means customers can now purchase the smart bulbs and configure them such that they can be turned on or off by voice through Siri or multiple devices. This includes iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and the Apple TV. This means the LIFX smart bulbs are the latest smart home product to be added to the growing Apple HomeKit portfolio. The newly announced compatibility was made possible through a software update that was facilitated by Apple’s decision to take it easy on some of the restrictions it imposed on HomeKit partners.

The new compatibility announcement is also influenced by a previous announcement that Apple made in June, revealing software-based authentication for HomeKit. HomeKit partners were previously required to include Apple-approved authentication chips for hardware-based authentication but those chips proved to be rather expensive. It made things easier for manufacturers such as Philips who had to create a new hub for its Hue bulbs just so that they could be compatible. It also meant customers had to buy the hubs. The new changes have made things much easier thus encouraging more partners to jump on board.

“The HomeKit ecosystem is something we’re thrilled to be a member of. Apple builds amazing experiences and we’re excited to see LIFX added to the HomeKit ecosystem,” stated LIFX CEO, Marc Alexander.

The LIFX bulbs have functionalities that are similar to those of the Philips Hue bulbs. They offer a variety of colors including white selections whose adjustments can be made via a smartphone. The bulbs can be controlled via Wi-Fi and they do not require a hub. Pricing for the LIFX bulbs starts at $59.99 though buyers can get them at discounted prices when they buy multiple bulbs.

The recent changes are expected to attract more manufacturers and will also make it much easier and appealing for customers to adopt more products for the Apple HomeKit. It also means more products will soon be available which is in line with Apple’s plans to continue expanding the selection of products that are compatible with its platform.

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