Ever wish you could take Alexa on the run? A new pair of smart headphones lets you do that. Using a voice-trigger technology developed by Rubidium, a Ra’anana-based innovator of embedded voice user interface technology, you can stay connected with Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa on the go. 

The 66 Audio PRO Voice headphones ($139.99) are compatible with most Bluetooth devices and give you access to any song from multiple services without touching your phone. In addition to Amazon Music, PRO Voice currently supports Spotify, iHeartRadio and TuneIn Radio.

Similar to other Alexa-integrated products, users can just say “Alexa” to begin interacting with Amazon’s artificial intelligence-infused assistant.

Voice-trigger technology is nothing new, but its implementation in mobile wearables without direct connection to the cloud has been an industry challenge.

“While in recent years voice wakeup has become a hot topic, Rubidium began deploying it in mass products over 15 years ago,” said Shlomo Peller, CEO and founder of Rubidium. “Combining this vast experience with our unique speech-recognition technology has enabled us to come up with such a miniature engine without compromising performance.”

The new headphones are only the beginning of voice-triggered wearable technology. Rubidium expects additional products carrying its technology to hit the market in 2018, taking Alexa even further outside the home.


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