The Nintendo Switch hacks have been few and far between. Although this may soon change. Reason being, the Nintendo Switch OS kernel has now been accessed by hackers. The kernel is the most basic level, the core of an operating system dealing with security, file management, and resource allocation.

This discovery was initially made public via a vague tweet from Nintendo fan and vulnerability researcher derrickr6 stating that “we got the kernel”. Following this was another hacker posting an image of what seems to be a dump of the kernel.


Is the Nintendo Switch hacked yet?

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that the Nintendo Switch has been hacked just yet. Rather, it’s a concrete step in that direction.

Previously the Nintendo Switch SDK was leaked, giving tinkerers and homebrew enthusiasts an idea of what can be done with the console. Along with this came hints at Nintendo implementing a save data transfer system for the Switch and guest login features.

Before this, hacker qwertyoruiop — who contributed to the PS4 1.76 jailbreak and known for jailbreaking multiple iOS versions — tweeted a picture of what appeared to be proof of the Nintendo Switch being hacked. Developer LiveOverflow published a proof of concept that confirms an iOS 9.3 webkit exploit is working on the Nintendo Switch.

Being proof of concept means very little for end users. But it does confirm that the Nintendo Switch’s browser, which is used for tasks such as logging into Wi-Fi and not directly accessible by consumers, is vulnerable to attack. Though Nintendo rectified this with an update.

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