I was glad to see ROON finally admitting that there was an issue with the “Randomness” of their Radio and Shuffle features. It was pretty bad and seemed to have the intelligence of a House Fly. ¬¬


Though with that said, the wording in this announcement speaks specifically of RADIO only which makes me wonder if they haven’t yet tried to deal with the Shuffle issue. Each of these being quite different of course. 


I’ll know soon enough since I use Shuffle all the time, Radio not so much. If the issue has been addressed I’ll know pretty quickly since I could almost predict what songs will play in what order from my custom Playlists running in shuffle mode before the update. I got in the routine of Enabling & Disabling the Shuffle button multiple times in a row after adding a Playlist to the queue just to try and make ROON’s default order more random. It only half worked….sometimes


Anyway, it is refreshing to know that ROON listens to the cries of the customers and takes action to address them

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