Samsung QuickDrive WW6850N washer

At IFA 2017, Samsung announced its QuickDrive technology for washing machines. The company today announced its first QuickDrive washer for the US market at CES 2018, carrying the model number WW6850N. The 24” compact washer will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 in Las Vegas this week. Being just 24-inches wide and stackable, the washer is ideal for small spaces.

When you’ve got a pile of laundry to do, you just want to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Shane Higby, Vice President, Home Appliance Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “The introduction of the WW6850N washing machine with QuickDrive™ technology underscores our commitment to providing consumers with options for tackling their laundry needs to free up time for what really matters.

Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine: Price, Availability

Samsung hasn’t divulged many details regarding the WW6850N’s pricing or availability just yet. It has only revealed that the washer will be available in the US later this year. Apart from the US, it is likely that Samsung will be launching similar models with the new QuickDrive technology in other markets as well.

Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine: Features, Specifications

Samsung says it has designed the WW6850N in response to consumer demand for speed and cleaning performance. The company is claiming the 24” compact washer can clean laundry up to 35% faster for a thorough clean, compared to its current models.

The QuickDrive technology features a large main drum and a back plate that both move independently, creating a dynamic action that helps move clothes in four directions – up and down, and back and forth. This, Samsung claims, helps to remove dirt quickly and more thoroughly in a wash cycle that takes up to 35% less time than the company’s other current washing machines.

The Samsung WW6850N is IoT-ready as well and happens to be compatible with the Samsung SmartThings ecosystem. Its Q-rator laundry assistant offers smart capabilities such as Laundry Recipe, Landry Planner, and HomeCare Wizard.

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