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With the launch of Out of Milk’s voice assistant skill available through Google Home and Amazon Echo, will make trips to the grocery store a bit easier.

Shopping list app Out Of Milk has officially launched its own voice assistant skill. Now available through Amazon Echo and Google Home (powered by Google Assistant), the latest feature allows you to build and manage shopping lists by simply speaking.

Acquired by Retale, a company dedicated to developing mobile-first shopping experiences, Out of Milk was added to its arsenal of technology specifically designed to help meet shoppers’ needs. Retale also has its own self-titled shopping app for discovering discounts and savings based on your location.

Out of Milk aims to make the reduce the hassle when creating shopping lists. You can add or delete items as well as note important factors like price, coupons, and the quantity needed. If you want to add to your list, you can type it in or scan the barcodes. There’s also the option to use mobile speech recognition.

For those who want to share the lists with family and friends, you can send it along through your mobile device, on a desktop, or through email. Since any changes to the list automatically sync up, there’s no need to send out updated ones.

Out of Milk‘s voice assistant feature can be used to manage lists as well via the Echo or Google Home. But you’ll have to first create an Out of Milk account and link it to your voice assistant. Once the accounts are linked, your changes will automatically sync to your devices.

To add or remove items you can say “Add rice to my list,” or specify quantity by saying “Add two gallons of milk to my list.” If you ever have multiple running lists, the voice assistant skill is capable of switching between them or letting you know which list you’re currently editing. Any lists created or edited through the voice assistant will also sync to the app or website.

Out of Milk is available for download on both iOS and Android. With the addition of its latest feature, using the app to shop for groceries is now far more user-friendly. Its capability to not only sync across all devices but also update in real-time, will help to make sure you never actually run “out of milk” — or anything for that matter.

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