south parkCartman playing with Amazon’s Alexa on the “South Park” season premiere.Comedy Central

The 21st season premiere of “South Park” on Wednesday night parodied white supremacists, Kendrick Lamar, and digital home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.

Turns out, the latter topic produced some hilarious results with fans’ real-life, in-home devices. 

In the episode, Cartman and friends mess around with Alexa and Google Home, and their often obscene phrases activated devices in many viewers’ homes, as The Wrap notes. 

A slew of Twitter users posted videos of the show’s characters interacting with their Alexas and Google Homes, setting off alarms and making the AI devices repeat lines like “Alexa, Simon says, suck my big balls in your hairy b—hole”:

You can watch the new “South Park” episode here

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