South Park returned to our screens this week, and if you’re a fan of the show with an Amazon Alexa then it was… interesting (spoilers ahead). Cartman, ever the prankster, starts the show’s 21st season off by triggering a virtual Amazon Alexa, and adding disgusting items to its shopping list. If you watched the show in the same room as your Alexa then the on-screen antics would slowly fill up your Amazon shopping list with some gross items.

Later in the episode Cartman returns to even set an alarm for 7AM on Alexa, which triggered the same alarm on one Twitter user’s own Alexa. The episode ends with Cartman tricking Alexa to talk to a Google Home unit and vice versa, creating a never-ending loop of profanity. We’ve seen similar tricks from Burger King, but South Park takes it even further with some hilarious results.

If you’re about to watch the latest South Park then you might want to hit the mute button on your Alexa, otherwise you might just get a horrible shopping list you’ll never want to complete.

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