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The just-unveiled Connected Modular 41 is a smaller variant of last year’s Connected Modular 45 by Tag Heuer, with double the specs and a crisper display. Pricing starts at $1,200. 
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Tag Heuer has added yet another smartwatch to its lineup of fancy wrist watches, this time a smaller version of last year’s Connected Modular 45 Smartwatch, but with double the specs across the board.

That’s not to say that the Connected Modular 45 was in any way underwhelming. It was a tremendously classy smartwatch, that’s for sure, but at 45 mm, it was too big for certain people who had smaller wrists. CEO Jean-Claude Biver promised that a 39 mm variant would be released in the future, but turns out that’s not the case. Still, the just-unveiled sequel, called Connected Modular 41, is still a pretty decent downsize, and it’s perfect for folks who found last year’s model to be too large.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41 Smartwatch Specs

What’s new? Tag Heuer has implemented some huge improvements in terms of internals, mainly. Right off the bat, the new model features a higher-resolution AMOLED display that boasts 326 ppi — slightly up from last year’s 287. It also now has 8 GB of onboard storage and 1 GB of RAM — double the Connected Modular 45’s on both accounts.

Like the old model, it’s still water resistant up to 50 meters and features built-in GPS, plus NFC for certain features like Android Pay. The most notable thing here is that the model boasts 8 GB of storage. Android Wear watches typically have somewhere around 4 GB, so a larger storage means users have more space for music and apps with the Modular Connected 41.

What’s with the Modularity tag? Well, that’s just the brand’s term for its watch’s variety of styles. There are seven base options and a coterie of lugs and straps to choose from, including new leather bands colored pink, blue, and white. What’s more, the Connected core can be replaced with a Calibre 5 mechanical module, perfect for those who want to switch and experiment styles. Users will be able to pair this watch with devices running at least iOS 9 or Android 4.4.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41 Smartwatch Pricing And Release Date

The Connected Modular 41 starts at $1,200, which is the same as the larger model. But there’s probably going to be a Deluxe package as well, like the Connected Modular 45, which costs $17,000. The humongous price isn’t all that surprising, as Tag Heuer’s smartwatches are targeted for those who can spend thousands of dollars for a wrist accessory.

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