Update: There are some excellent Now TV offers for new customers on the Sky Cinema, Entertainment and Sky Sports packages this week. For Sky Cinema and Entertainment deals, the more months you pay for upfront, the bigger the discount. Sign up for six months of both and you’ll save 50% on the regular fee! Feel free to try the 14-day free trial too.

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Now TV is one of the most feature packed streaming service out there, and if you’re looking for a cheap deal on the box or the hardware then we’ve got some excellent Now TV deals for you. 

One this page we’re listing both the cheapest deals on both the Now TV box and the more recent Now TV Smart Box, which includes a freeview tuner so you can watch live TV as well as keeping up with on-demand and streaming services (but not Netlix or Amazon). 

We’ve also searched high and low for the best Now TV pass deals for existing box owners. You don’t need a box though as there are apps on loads of devices like tablets or your PS4. Often the best deals can be had by buying a box that has several months of the service included as a Now TV voucher pass – even if you already have a box.

So whether you’re looking to equip your TV with the Now TV box, or you’re just looking for a cheap way to get another few months of the service, read on for our best Now TV offers.

Now TV box deals

The Now TV box is a cheap and easy way of getting your TV equipped with a variety of streaming services. At its core the box is a modified Roku streamer, but it’s been focussed more around Sky’s streaming service. Unfortunately this means you won’t be able to stream from competing services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, but the box is cheap enough that this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Check out the best prices for the Now TV box below.

Now TV Smart Box deals

If you want to combine your Now TV box with a freeview tuner, then the Now TV Smart Box is for you. We were impressed when we tried out the box for ourselves. It’s a great all-rounder, and consolidates your existing boxes into one neat package. Check out the best prices for the Smart Box below.

Now TV pass deals

If you’ve already got a Now TV box, or another device that can stream the service (such as a Roku player or a Chromecast) then all you need is a Now TV pass to get subscribed to the various streaming packages offered on the service.

There are currently four passes available for Now TV; Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Kids and Sky Sports. These are available for subscription periods as short as 1 day (for Sky Sports), or as long as a month.

Ironically, the cheapest way of getting your hands on cheap passes is often to get them bundled in with a Now TV box, but you can also find passes available.

We’ve compiled a selection of the best deals around for each pass below.

Now TV entertainment pass

The Now TV entertainment pass gets you access to Sky Atlantic shows like Tin Star and Billions. The three-month pass is a popular option and is generally available for around £15. It’s a good option for anyone looking for discounted Now TV passes, especially as the monthly price went up by £1 in August, raising the price to £7.99 a month.

Now TV movies pass (aka Sky Cinema pass)

If you’re more interested in film than television, then the Now TV Sky Cinema pass is the subscription for you. With this you’ll get access to a huge quantity of movie releases, and a surprising number of them are relatively recent. The best value way to get this pass is to pay £24.99 for four months of the service. This Amazon deal saves you a few quid over buying four months direct from Now TV.

See this deal: Now TV Sky Cinema pass £24.99 @ Amazon

That being said, we do sometimes see some seriously cheap Now TV offers for two-month entertainment passes in our comparison chart feed below. So be sure to have a quick look there too.

Now TV Sky Sports pass

Sky has recently rebranded a bunch of its Sky Sports channels. Gone are the numbers, instead we have names that give a better description of what they’ll be showing most of the time.

There are now 10 channels, that’s more than before, but you don’t have to pay anything extra. The refreshed lineup includes Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Football (for Football League, La Liga and more), Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports News and Sky Sports Mix. Other sports are covered in the two variety channels, Sky Sports Action and Sky Sports Arena. Sky Sports Main Event will be the place for the biggest live events of the day. Naturally there are some shiny new logos.

At £33.99 a month, the Sky Sports pass is the most pricey of all the Now TV subscriptions. There are cheaper options though. You can get a day pass for £6.99 and a one week pass for £10.99 direct from the Now TV site. These temporary passes won’t auto-renew either, so don’t worry about rolling into a fresh purchase when they expire. You can also get some one week pass deals in the comparison chart below. 

Update: Sky currently has a promotion on where you can buy a whole month of Sky Sports for £20 (saving £13.99 off the usual price). This is for new Sky Sports customers only and it will auto renew at £33.99 after the month expires, although you can cancel at any time. This offer expires September 11th.

Now TV kids pass

At just £2.99 a month, the Kids pass is the cheapest of the Now TV subscriptions, and as such it takes some beating. As things stand, the cheapest way to get the subscription is to buy it from Now TV directly at the link below.

See this deal: at Now TV

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