The Police Athletic League of Delaware and the New Castle County Police Department work together to inspire Delaware’s youth towards a possible future career in S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math).

“PAL is all about helping kids become successful in life. We want them to be successful in their education, and [learn to develop] life skills,” said Robert Jameson, executive director of the Police Athletics League of Delaware. “That is what we teach them and we mentor them [towards] becoming successful.”

Verizon on Thursday supported the vision of getting kids off the streets and back into a learning environment with a $20,000 grant for use on expanding the Police Athletic League’s STEAM program.

“Every cent that they have given us has gone towards improving the program for the kids, developing the program and buying new equipment,” said Brandon Leyden, New Castle PAL STEAM program teacher.

With the funds, the program will be able to purchase a new 3D printer and drone, allowing kids to have a more hands-on learning experience. 

“Children can’t really thrive in today’s society unless they have the skills to survive in a digital world, and that is where we are going now,” said Bonnie Metz, spokesperson for Verizon. “It is just such a great program and we are really pleased to be able to support it.”

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